The brayer meets the ink


Finally, I have a whole day to spend in my studio. After carving my latest block for what seems like forever, it is finally time to get my ink out and play with the press. I have just started using oil-based inks due to their longer working time. At first I was fearful of their reputation for being messy and hard to clean up. I soon discovered that by using veggie oil and eco-cleaner, tidying up was a snap. I was also afraid that the odor of the inks would bother me, but I have found the opposite to be the case. I love the smell of the inks–they remind me of an old-time art studio and take me back to high school art class–my creative haven from lesser-loved subjects like calculus and physics.

My first step today is to make some proofs to see if I like the final image produced from the block. Then I will use this “key” block to transfer images to my other three pieces of linoleum. I will use these blocks to produce the other colors in my image. A lot more carving lies ahead, but the blocks for the other colors will be less detailed than the black one. Using multiple blocks is a new technique for me, but I am eager to learn.

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4 Responses to The brayer meets the ink

  1. Doug Skiba says:

    Great photos, Heidi! 😉

  2. looks like a lot of work. good job

  3. Amie Roman says:

    Beautiful prints, Heidi. I’m glad you’re enjoying your new inks!

  4. Blog is awesome! Pictures are a wonderful explanation of your abilities and outstanding techniques. Keep up the good work. Love Mom and Dad

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