Flyfishing trip turns into sketching trip

I finished printing the first layer of the Maroon Bells print on Sunday using a “rainbow roll” to lay down a subtle gradation of ink that hopefully captures the essence of early morning light. The weather was gorgeous on Monday, so I headed out on a fly-fishing adventure with Doug and our friend, Karen. Little did we know, the canyon where we planned to fish had received over 14 inches of snow the day before and nothing had melted. After losing the trail numerous times in the deep powder, we finally made it down to the creek only to discover that it was still full of ice. We managed to find a few open pools, but the fish weren’t biting. After repeatedly getting my fly stuck in the ice, I became frustrated and spent a bit of time exploring. The beautiful curves and shadows of snow-covered boulders along the stream caught my eye, and I traded in my fishing rod for my sketchbook.

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1 Response to Flyfishing trip turns into sketching trip

  1. what a rude shock when you discovered the snow.
    But looks like a good time anyway.

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