A New Year Brings a New Linocut

A new year brings a new linocut, though I have really been working on sketches for this one since November. Two summers ago I took a watercolor class in the San Juan Mountains with the Colorado Trail Foundation. One of our painting excursions took us into the spectacular American Basin. Even though it was already August, the wildflower display was stunning. They had bloomed late that year because it had been a harsh winter and the deep snows had taken so long to melt. As I nestled down into the lush jungle of larkspur and rosy paintbrush, I could barely see the other course participants because the wildflowers were towering over my head. There was a big storm blowing in, and I knew I could never capture all the beauty of the landscape with my paintbrush before the lightning and pouring rain started, so I snapped some reference photos for future use. My new linocut is based off one of those photos. Drawing the scene takes me right back to that day: the wonder of being immersed in the gorgeous flowers, the excitement of the impending storm, the anticipation of heading back to the cozy cabin to warm up and chat with my course mates. I love the ability of art to take me right back to a place in time. I can’t wait to see what other memories I recall as I begin to carve.

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