Birthday Campout

Some people like to go out to a fine restaurant for their birthday or get pampered at the spa. While those are certainly nice treats, I much prefer getting out for a good outdoor adventure. This year I spent my special day on an overnight camping trip. Finding a local campground that was open in April was a bit of a challenge, but fortunately with a little internet research, I discovered the Ansel Watrous site which sits in the spectacular Poudre Canyon just outside of Fort Collins. The pasque flowers blooming in our campsite reminded me how early in the season this camping trip really was, but I couldn’t tell by the weather. It was a gorgeous 70 degrees and sunny. The relaxing pace of the trip made it the perfect opportunity to get out my journal and do some sketching. When nighttime came and writer’s cramp set in, I put down my pens and enjoyed a special roasted-marshmallow birthday treat.

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  1. Penny Otwell says:

    Hi Heidi — what a fun blog and it's great to see your art. It's beautiful!!! And it's great to see you. I love your birthday cake . . . Love, Penny

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