Taking a Break

I have been silent on this blog for a while, mainly because I have not been working on much art lately. In the beginning of summer, I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to try to do everything: work full time, get back into good physical shape after my ostomy surgery in November, seize every opportunity to go on outdoor adventures each weekend, and work on lots of art. On top of that, I got very excited about starting another blogging endeavor: a site to chronicle my return to outdoor adventures with my ileostomy. Through the blog, I hope to end some of the misconceptions and stigmas surrounding ostomies and show what is possible after surgery.

It only took a few weeks of living at mach speed to realize I was trying to do too much. I decided that this was the season to focus on returning to outdoor pursuits and helping  current or future ostomates with my new site, so I took a break from art for a while.

Of course, when I said take a break from art, I really mean from working on more formal pieces. As an artist, I never feel happy if I am not drawing and recording the world around me. On most every outdoor excursion I make, I bring my nature journal with me and fit in time for some sketching.

When the temperatures drop this fall and the snow begins to fall, I will head back into my studio. For now, it is off to the mountains for more adventure!

A journal entry done in the Flatirons of Boulder, CO using Prismacolor Premier markers and watercolors.

A sketch of Mt. Harvard done from camp in the Horn Fork Basin after a successful summit climb. This piece was done with water soluble Pilot Razorpoint pen and watercolor.

A simple pencil sketch done on a four-day backpacking trip to Loch Vale in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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1 Response to Taking a Break

  1. Hi Heidi! Boy huh? There are so many wonderful things to do… In life, in Colorado, in Art, ehem, to take care of ourselves. Sometimes I’m wondering if we can trim a little more sleep time??

    You’re such a talented drawer and painter (and printmaker)! Love to see your work.

    – Jennifer

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